Types of Electric Vehicles

Types of Electric Vehicles | Brian Hoskins Ford

Fuel-efficient electric vehicles (EVs) are the future of transportation. They undoubtedly offer an innovative combination of efficiency, power, and reliability with modern features and capabilities that support your travel needs, wherever you go. Considering that the increasing popularity of hybrid and all-electric vehicles is driving the automotive industry forward, it's crucial to stay aware of the unique benefits each type of EV provides.

At Brian Hoskins Ford, we understand that the various terms used to describe the different types of electric vehicles (EVs) can be confusing. To simplify the research process, we have provided brief descriptions of the most common types of electric vehicles to help you discover the best energy-efficient hybrid or all-electric model that suits your lifestyle.


Pure Hybrid

A pure hybrid vehicle does not offer the ability to charge its battery using an external power source and cable. Instead, it recharges through both a specialized regenerative braking system and the vehicle's internal combustion engine (ICE). If you frequently drive short distances and at lower speeds, such as around town, an economical pure hybrid vehicle can be an excellent option. You'll enjoy improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions and still have access to the dependability of a diesel or gasoline engine for longer trips.


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Pure Electric

Pure-electric vehicles, also known as all-electric vehicles, offer unique sustainability without compromising performance. They're powered solely by electric motors and batteries, lacking any gas-powered engine parts or combustion-based power. Their popularity continues to surge, with more charging stations being constructed for added convenience and accessibility. Driving an all-electric vehicle offers numerous benefits, including quiet operation, low-emission power and cost savings, reduced maintenance, and a smaller carbon footprint.


Plug-In Hybrid

A plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) differs from other hybrid vehicles in that it places more emphasis on electric power. Unlike conventional hybrids, PHEVs come with a larger battery, allowing for a longer electric-only driving range, although still shorter than that of a pure-electric vehicle. This makes PHEVs ideal for longer trips as they can be refueled at a gas station when the battery runs low. The combination of gas and electric power offers greater driving range, but it's important to note that fuel efficiency may not be as good as with a conventional hybrid due to the added weight of the larger battery.


Ford's extensive line of hybrid and all-electric models demonstrate the promising future of electrified vehicles in the automotive industry. If you're interested in finding the perfect electrified hybrid or all-electric vehicle, Brian Hoskins in Coatesville, PA, is here to help. With any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to us today. Book a visit to our dealership for a test drive in your next electrified vehicle!

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