Types of Electric Vehicles

Types of Electric Vehicles at Brian Hoskins Ford

For efficient, powerful, and innovative performance, electric vehicles offer uncompromised capability and convenient features that feel like the future while supporting you in the present. Around the world, the growing popularity of hybrid and all-electric vehicles are helping the automotive industry transition toward creating cleaner and more advanced models for every driver.

At Brian Hoskins Ford, we know there are a wide variety of terms for understanding the different types of electrified vehicles (EV) available, so it can get a little confusing. To help clear things up, we've included some brief descriptions below of the most common types of electric vehicles to help you find the best hybrid or all-electric model for your lifestyle.


Pure Hybrid

A vehicle engineered as a pure hybrid won't provide any way to plug in and charge the battery with your own external power source and cable. Pure hybrid models instead recharge themselves with a specialized regenerative braking system and also via the vehicle's internal combustion engine (ICE). Depending on your automotive needs, pure hybrid vehicles can be an ideal choice for trips downtown while driving for short distances and at lower speeds. You'll get improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, and you'll also have the back-up power of a diesel or a petrol engine if you need to take a longer trip across the highway or just need to get out of town.


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Pure Electric

Pure-electric models, which are sometimes referred to as all-electric vehicles, are built with at least one or more electric motors that come with a battery and don't come with any gas-powered engine parts or any combustion-based power. The popularity of owning pure-electric vehicles continues to grow rapidly, and charging stations are being built for easy accessibility and greater availability with each passing year. Among the best reasons to own and drive an all-electric vehicle include the relaxing silent performance, efficient power and savings at the pump, reduced maintenance needs, and a lower carbon footprint.


Plug-In Hybrid

Distinct from other hybrid vehicles, a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) is similar to a pure hybrid, except it's developed with more of an emphasis on electrified power. PHEVs arrive with bigger batteries built in than is offered on full hybrids, which helps these models earn a much larger electric-only driving range - though importantly still less than for all-electric cars. This difference makes PHEVs great for long drives, since when the car runs out of fuel you can simply refill at a nearby gas station. While the versatility of using both gas power and electrical power provides greater driver range, It's worth noting that fuel economy can still be less efficient than with a pure hybrid considering PHEVs drive with extra weight from their larger battery.


Electrified vehicles are the next big evolution for the automotive industry, and Ford's wide range of hybrid and all-electric models shows just how effective these vehicles can be. Ready to discover the electrified hybrid or all-electric vehicle of your dreams? Brian Hoskins in Coatesville, PA dedicated to helping you!  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us by phone or live chat. Schedule a visit to our dealership for your next test drive today!

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