Convert Your Reservation to an Order

Convert Your Vehicle Reservation to an Order Online at Brian Hoskins Ford

Brian Hoskins Ford makes it easier than ever to place reservations and orders online. Since reservations and online orders are still a little new, it might not seem intuitive to place a reservation and later convert that reservation into an order. To keep you informed about the reservation and online ordering process for your next great vehicle, we've included some helpful descriptions and steps in the process below.


The Difference Between a Reservation and an Order

Reservations and orders are both completed online, both take deposits, and are completed before you get your vehicle. But the reservation itself is only a confirmation that you intend to place an order for the vehicle you want. It's simple to cancel and refund. However, the cancellation process for an order is not the same, and you may not get a full refund depending on the timing. You can also adjust your vehicle specs if you change your reservation to an order.


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Placing a Reservation

Reserving your next vehicle guarantees that you're on the list to get access to a new Ford model when it's next available. While reservations are made online, they're specifically made in connection with your local Ford dealership, like Brian Hoskins Ford in Coatesville, PA. We're able to take your deposit payment and can help you alter or cancel your reservation whenever it's convenient for you.

To place a reservation, you need to create a Ford account online. Aftering you log in, you'll input your information and your specifications for the vehicle you want to reserve, select Brian Hoskins Ford as your dealership, and place payment for a refundable reservation deposit, which will go towards the cost of the vehicle.


Converting Your Reservation to an Order

When your reservation number eventually comes up, you'll be notified by Ford that it's time to turn your reservation over into an official order. After logging back into and clicking Configure Your Vehicle, you will be taken to the Build & Price for the vehicle you reserved. You can further configure your vehicle in the Build & Price sections by clicking Select under the model you want. After configuring your order, click Continue Order to be taken to the order details page where you will complete your order. After completing all the above, you'll have officially placed your order!

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