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Brian Hoskins



Ed Kovatch
General Manager
610-384-4242 ext 3113

Joe DeMarino
Pre-Owned Sales Manager
610-384-4242 ext 3114

Mike Ciarlone
New Car Sales Manager
610-384-4242 ext 3136

I started at Brian Hoskins Ford in 2004 as a detailer. February 1st of 2007 they moved me to the sales floor, November of 2007 promoted me to Internet Sales Manager, then New Car Sales Manager in August of 2016. We strive to make every transaction easy and memorable! Come see just how friendly our smiles are at Brian Hoskins Ford!

Diamond Dave Spriggs
Sales Consultant
610-384-4242 ext 3145

Robert Coleman
Sales Consultant
610-384-4242 ext 3129

Matthew Lutter
Sales Consultant
610-384-4242 ext 3143

Brandon Newell
Sales Consultant
610-384-4242 ext 3133

Jim Shiflet
Sales Consultant
610-384-4242 ext 3139

Marie DiMassa
Sales Consultant
610-384-4242 ext 3140

Ricky Deligny
Sales Consultant
610-384-4242 ext 3150

George Lichowid
Courtesy Sales Specialist
610-384-4242 ext 3125



Rick Kochel
Commercial Account Manager
610-384-4242 ext 3107

Tim Edgin
Fleet Account Manager
610-384-4242 ext 3146



Scot Shandler
Finance Manager
610-384-4242 ext 3106



Lorri Park
Service Director
610-384-4242 ext 3112

I've worked at Brian Hoskins Ford for 28 years. I am Master Certified in commercial and service management. I support the growth, training and development of our service staff; Enabling them to provide excellent customer service in repairing and maintaining our customer's vehicles. I enjoy volunteering locally at a youth center and my church, fundraising, monthly book clubs, being outdoors, spending time with friends and traveling with my daughters Nikki and Jess.

Kevin Trost
Service Manager
610-384-4242 ext 3128

I have 36 years experience with Ford and General Motors. I am Master Certified in service management. I enjoy golf, family time at the Jersey shore and my grandkids. I've enjoyed spending time with the love of my life RuthAnn, 5 children and 5 grandkids. Life is good.

Abby Tague
Service Advisor
610-384-4242 ext 3130

I have 15 years experience in the automotive industry. I am currently earning my certifications with Ford. I have an in-depth knowledge of sales, service, parts and finance which helps me assist customers and provide them with exceptional service. I enjoy racing, camping, travel-cruising, decorating and crafts. I have been married since 2015 and enjoy spending time with my 2 nieces and 2 nephews.

Tom Sweeney
Service Writer
610-384-4242 ext 3120

Frank Pechin
Customer Service Specialist/Cashier
610-384-4242 ext 3101

I began working part-time at Brian Hoskins Ford shortly after retiring from the USAF in 2005, and have worked at a variety of customer service positions culminating in my appointment as 2nd shift cashier. I try to make sure that customers who spend their hard-earned money with us leave completely knowledgeable about the repairs we made to their vehicle and are totally satisfied with the service they received. In my spare time I enjoy reading and spending time with my niece and nephews.

Shawn Reich
Service technician

I have worked at Brian Hoskins Ford since 1992. I have an associates degree in applied science. I have been a Senior Master Certified technician since 2001. In my free time I enjoy hiking, biking, playing softball and spending time outdoors. I have been drumming for our church worship team since 2008. I have been married since 1997 and have 2 sons.

Nick Jones
Service technician

I started working at Brian Hoskins Ford in 2006 shortly after that I earned my Senior Master Certification. In my free time I enjoy spending time in the mountains and working on my truck.

Greg Hunt
Service technician

I have 18 years experience in the automotive industry. I graduated from A.T.C. I have my ASE's and specialize in automatic transmissions and Hybrid/Energi/Electric vehicles. I enjoy classic vehicle restorations, electrification of custom vehicles, motorcycles, lawn tractors and 4-wheelers.

Ryan McCraw
Service technician

I have 12 years in the automotive industry which allowed me to earn my Senior Master Certification. I graduated from A.T.C. and am currently diesel/medium duty truck certified. In my free time I enjoy mountain biking, snowboarding and fishing.

Steve Garrison
Service technician

I have 5 years automotive experience. I graduated from UTI and the Ford F.A.C.T. program. Currently I am certified to work on diesel and medium duty truck. In my free time I play flag football, paintball and my bass. I am currently engaged and our wedding is planned for 2017.

Jesus Torres
Service Technician

I served 5 years with the Navy. Recently I graduated from U.T.I. from their Ford F.A.C.T. program. I enjoy working on cars, driving my Mustang and going to car shows.

Brad Hay
Service Technician

Drew Rzucidlo
Service Technician

William Burns

David Beiler

Norm Lonas

I started working for Brian's dad back in 1971 and retired in 2004. I continue to work part time in both the shop and the parts department. My fondest memory is remembering Brian Hoskins who was only 14 years old when I started. In my free time I enjoy going to my beach house, riding and working on my motorcycle. I have 2 sons, 4 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. My favorite memory is working on Joe Hoskins boat with him and Marvin Duffy in Northeast Maryland.



Michael Tague
Parts Manager
610-384-4242 ext 3121

Ryan Farrell
Parts Specialist
610-384-4242 ext 3118

I have a few years experience in the automotive industry. I graduated from West Chester University with a Bachelor's degree in Business Management. In my free time I like to go to the shooting range, play softball, golf, snowboard and I enjoy watching movies.



Sue Baillieul
610-384-4242 ext 3104

Connie Termine
Accounts Payable
610-384-4242 ext 3147

Linda H
Title Clerk
610-384-4242 ext 3141