Every season of the year has its own driving hazards, and as a responsible driver, it’s important that you stay aware of them and mentally prepare as the seasons change. You spent the summer having to be aware of cyclists and construction, but now it’s time to adjust to the road conditions of autumn, like foggy mornings and busy animals. Here’s what you need to remember in order to stay safe on the road this fall!

Kids on the Roads

Back to school time means that drivers have to go back to watching out for young kids on the sidewalks. Going slow in school zones, especially in the morning and afternoon, is more important now than it was a few weeks ago, and remember that if a school bus has its stop sign out, you should never pass it in case a kid runs across the road!

Active Animals

During the autumn, most animals are preparing for the winter, meaning that they’re more active than usual and can pose a threat to drivers. Deer in particular can be a big problem, so keeping a lookout for animals in the road and near the sides of the road can save you a lot of trouble!

Piles of Leaves

Even the best and newest tires will have trouble finding traction on a pile of slippery wet leaves, and even a dry-looking pile of leaves can be soaking wet below the top layer. Because of this, you should always avoid driving over piles or patches of leaves so that you can maintain control of your car.

Increased Sun Glare

As we get close to winter, the sun sits at a lower angle in the sky, which increases the risk of glare. The light bouncing into your eyes can be a real problem, and making sure to keep sunglasses on hand in your bag or car can help you to increase your visibility. It also helps to keep your windshield clean, because dirt streaks can make glare worse!

Thick Fog

If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that the autumn months will have a few mornings with fog so thick you can barely see through it. The main thing to remember about fog is that turning on your brights will only make it worse– the light will bounce off the fog and make it more difficult to see through. Use your regular low-beam headlights, and if you have fog lights that cast light low and wide on the road, this is the time to use them!


With these safety tips in mind, your autumn should be full of drives where you can appreciate the season without running into any dangerous situations! Another good habit is to get your vehicle serviced in the fall before the winter snows hit. You can schedule a service appointment with us at Brian Hoskins Ford online.

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