Just last week, the Ford Motor Company’s e-scooter subsidiary Spin announced a recent international partnership with the software company Tortoise which will bring Spin S-200 remotely operated e-scooters to cities in both North American and European cities before the end of the year.


Through this partnership, these companies will come together to support the Spin Valet platform, which makes it possible to remotely operate Spin’s fleet and automatically repark the scooters away from the path of pedestrians and street traffic. Spin Valet will make use of Tortoise’s software through built-in front and rear facing cameras on the S-200. Eventually, this technology will allow riders to “hail” a scooter several blocks to a desired pickup location.


This spring, the first Spin S-200 fellt will deploy in Boise, Idaho. The city is set to receive up to 300 individual S-200 e-scooters, which include a safer, more stable three-wheeled platform, enhanced suspension, three independent braking systems, and turn signals.


“There has been a lot of fanfare around the potential of remote-controlled e-scooters, but this partnership marks a turning point in tangible operational plans to bring them to city streets,” said Ben Bear, Chief Business Officer at Spin. “In addition to providing reliability to consumers and more order to city streets, this could significantly improve unit economics, help reduce carbon emissions and the operational work required to maintain and reposition fleets.”


Throughout this year, Spin and Tortoise will continue to explore opportunities for bringing the S-200 e-scooter to major cities across the world that are interested in remote control operations and a more robust and durable model, though Ford has been tight-lipped on the cities they are targeting.


“We are thrilled to see our software come to life with Spin,” said Dmitry Shevelenko, Co-Founder and President at Tortoise. “Spin has worked tirelessly to build trust with cities around the world, and our hope is that this technology only further improves and optimizes the way cities and operators can provide transportation together.”


Incredibly advanced and intrinsically futuristic, the Spin S-200 has been equipped with the latest computer vision, machine learning, and robotics technologies. It also features an advanced navigation system to help you get where you need to go safely and efficiently. Could it be coming to your city soon? Only time will tell!

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