Did you know that according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, traffic accidents are the leading cause of death for Americans under the age of 54? In fact, over 33,000 fatal accidents have occurred each year since 2016.


This data is staggering, but true. That’s why Ford has devoted much of their time and energy to working with cities on ways that help make their streets safer. As part of this commitment, Ford  is officially launching an innovative new tool that utilizes connected vehicle technology and artificial intelligence to build smarter, safer systems of transportation.


It’s called Safety Insights, and it’s a newly available web-based software tool that allows transportation planners and Ford engineers to identify streets and intersections that could be improved in order to increase safety.


Safety Insights is able to do this in a variety of unique and interesting ways. First, it combines crash data, connected vehicle data, and safety countermeasures research in order to analyze common travel patterns based on  information gathered from sources like smart phones and on-board navigation devices.


Secondly, Safety Insights can help city planners identify crash hotspots and prioritize certain high-volume areas that are more likely to experience harsh braking, excessive acceleration, traction issues, and near misses. 


Finally, Safety Insights can help transportation engineers input cost-to-implement data, which they can then use to plan out strategic scenarios that both saves cost and reduces the likelihood of car accidents in common problem areas. 


When paired with StreetLight InSight®, this technology can even run before-and-after studies that can analyze the effectiveness of these changes.


Ford’s new Safety Insights technology is just another way that the Blue Oval brand is helping cities nationwide make the most of connected vehicle data in order to better prepare their infrastructure for a safer, more connected automotive future. 


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