2023 Ford Transit 150 & Transit 250 | Commercial Vehicles | Brian Hoskins Ford

2023 Ford Transit 150 & Transit 250 | Commercial Vehicles | Brian Hoskins Ford

The 2023 Ford Transit may not be on the radar of most drivers, but for many small business owners and fleet managers it offers tremendous value and allure as a commercial vehicle. Available in a wide range of body styles, including a spacious high-roof extended version, the new Transit 150 and Transit 250 models offer abundant space to conveniently transport tools, packages, or cargo. By opting for one of these exceptional vans, you can craft a vehicle tailored specifically to your job requirements. With a multitude of options at your disposal, it all begins with selecting the best Transit for your business’s needs.

The Ford Transit 150

The new Transit 150 is an embodiment of the cargo van's sheer versatility. Within its spacious interior, you'll find a generous 246 cubic feet of room, boasting a regular size and a low ceiling. Opt for the regular size with a medium-height ceiling, and the capacity expands to an impressive 315 cubic feet. But brace yourself for the extended body and high cab height, which provides an astounding 487.2 cubic feet of cargo space. Business owners who prefer a more compact version of the Transit 150 can go for the Transit Connect cargo van. With five different levels to choose from, each offering varying cargo capacities and a plethora of customization options, these vans provide reliable performance in any configuration.

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The Ford Transit 250

The Transit 250 at Brian Hoskins is the perfect solution for large-scale passenger transportation. Designed specifically to ferry groups of people, businesses often turn to the Ford Transit 250. At Brian Hoskins, you'll find the Transit 250 passenger wagons are capable of accommodating 8, 10, 12, or even 15 passengers comfortably. Similar to the smaller Transit 150, the spacious Transit 250 also comes in a more compact Transit Connect passenger wagon. The Transit 250’s passenger wagon is purpose-built for situations where the original model may be too large to fit, offering narrower spacing while still retaining the essence of the Transit lineup.

Personalized Performance

Both the Transit 150 and Transit 250 from Ford offer plenty of build options to support your commercial ambition. With the Transit 150, business owners can choose from various body styles, including regular size with a low or medium-height ceiling, as well as an extended body with a high cab height. This flexibility makes it easy to tailor the van to your specific needs, whether it's for bringing along goods, equipment, or other belongings. Similarly, the Transit 250 offers reliable build options for business owners who need comfortable passenger transportation. Both the Transit 150 and Transit 250 empower business owners to create a vehicle that perfectly suits their daily operations, making the Ford Transit an indispensable tool for ensuring a job well done.

Whether you're considering the versatile Ford Transit 150 or the spacious and passenger-centric Transit 250, our team at Brian Hoskins has the expertise to assist you in finding the best van for your business. We’re committed to providing exceptional customer service and helping you navigate the various build options available, ensuring that you find the ideal solution for your needs. To learn more about the 2023 Transit 150 and Transit 250, feel free to contact us with any questions today!

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