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Fall is Here! Remember These Seasonal Driving Tips


Every season of the year has its own driving hazards, and as a responsible driver, it’s important that you stay aware of them and mentally prepare as the seasons change. You spent the summer having to be aware of cyclists and construction, but now it’s time to adjust to the road conditions of autumn, like foggy mornings and busy animals. Here’s what you need to remember in order to stay safe on the road this fall!
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Ford's F-150 Lightning Fights Driving Range Stress While Towing


When you’re towing with an electric vehicle, it’s easy to feel stressed out about the driving range, as it can vary a lot based on how much weight a vehicle is pulling, the kind of terrain, climate, and other variables. Luckily, Ford recently claimed that the 2022 F-150 Lightning reduces range anxiety as it can accurately determine the remaining vehicle range while factoring in real-time conditions.

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The Best-Selling & All-Electric Ford F-150 Lightning Begins Production



Recently, full production of F-150 Lightning trucks began at the advanced Rouge Electric Vehicle Center within Ford’s historic Rouge Complex.


While the path to the automotive industry’s all-electric vehicle future is mostly uncertain and packed with challenges like high costs and supply chain issues, Ford leads the pack with electrifying innovation in the F-150 Lightning. The Ford Motor Company is perhaps more aware than most automakers of consumers’ strong desire to shift to all-electric vehicles.

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Ford Operates Autonomous 3D Printers at Advanced Manufacturing Center



Ford recently announced that its Advanced Manufacturing Center created an interface which allows machines from separate suppliers to effectively communicate with each other and operate parts of the company’s production line autonomously.


It's true that automotive companies have been utilizing robotics for years in order to reduce production expenses and improve efficiency. However, Ford’s new system introduces the potential for incredibly enhanced productivity via using robots to operate 3D printers through the night without requiring human interaction.

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Ford Bronco Earns 1-2-3 Win In 2022 King Of The Hammers



Last week, Ford debuted the Bronco Raptor as its new performance-driven off-roader. It is more powerful and rugged than a standard Bronco, due to a number of elite off-road features and hardware. To really show how the Bronco Raptor has the means to take the off-road SUV to new heights, three Bronco 4600 racers all easily won in the 2022 King of the Hammers with a 1-2-3 completion.

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