2018 Ford Fusion Uses a Cutting-Edge Suspension System to Keep You Comfortable

If you live in a part of the country that experiences winter, or just an area with poor road maintenance, you know the discomfort a road full of potholes and bumps can bring while driving. However, with the cutting-edge suspension system on the popular Ford Fusion, you can drive this fantastic midsize sedan on even the roughest roads without getting knocked around.

The suspension on the new Fusion uses what is called continuously controlled damping to constantly adjust the stiffness of the suspension based on feedback from a multitude of sensors that monitor everything from braking to the movement of the vehicle's body as it turns or drives along. This advanced system also has a pothole mitigation feature that can help reduce costly damage done to tires and rims.

The suspension system is just one of the smart features on the 2018 Ford Focus that make it one of the top midsize sedans in the country. Stop in to the showroom here at Brian Hoskins Ford in Coatesville to take it for a test drive today.

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