Having Good Tire Tread Key to Safe Ride

Driving with poor tire tread is one of the most hazardous things that you can do on the streets of Coatesville, PA this winter. Your tread is what gives you traction on the road, and without it you will find that your car, truck, or SUV performs much worse on the road. This effect is amplified under wet road conditions.

On a rainy day, a bald tire cannot displace the water correctly. This will lead to the feeling that your car is slipping or hydroplaning as you drive. It is a nerve wracking experience, to say the least. Doing regular tire rotations and maintaining the recommended PSI level in your tires can help tremendously. Doing these things will help your tread to wear more evenly, giving you a safer ride while also extending the lifespan of your tires.

So if you are ready for a tire maintenance, bring your vehicle into our service department here at Brian Hoskins Ford right here in beautiful Coatesville, PA and let us do a rotation and inspection for you today.

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